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View of a city

This series of images I shot in Billings in Montana, New York City, Dundee, and London highlights how inhabitants are moulded to the confines of built-up city life. 

I am fascinated by how people can adapt to the disorder and often frantic pace of daily life to find quiet moments of solitude and privacy in awkward public spaces. People re-appropriate public space originally intended for a different purpose. Cities are shaped by us, through hundreds of years of cyclical building, destroying, building and destroying. 

And, in return, the cities shape us - governing our movements and thoughts.



Nick Brodie is a lens-based artist who graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2019. He is interested in creating work that explores the relationship between individuals and the cities they inhabit.

After collecting the discarded cigarette ends from some doorways he photographed on the streets of Dundee, he then had them bronzed. These bronze cigarette ends entitled What thing of beauty are these? have been selected for this year's Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition in Edinburgh. Further information is on Nick’s website and on Instagram.