It''s not been a nice week, has it? I mean, I always say this - if you were to do a wordcloud of these opening paragraphs I'm pretty sure that a series of variants on the theme of 'awful' and 'despair' would loom out at you - but it really does seem like the past seven days have been particularly shrill and awful. 

Or at least they have in my corner of the London 'Generic Media Wanker' bubble.  I hope yours has been nicer. The world certainly doesn't need another bloke spaffing out WORDS on power and gender and coercion - all I'll say is that I hope a certain London gallery owner and nightlife impresario with a TV and newspaper column sideline is feeling particularly scared at the moment. OOH A BLIND ITEM WHO COULD IT BE? Feel free to DM me your guesses, kids!

And on that lawyer-baiting note, let's get to it! We have links, we have words, we have 6+hours of me sitting at a keyboard in my kitchen drinking tea and developing RSI as I try and fail to spin them into some semblance of coherence - we have, in short, all of the ingredients required. Strap yourselves in, then, and bite HARD on the leather strap as I power up the machine and spin the dial all the way to eleven - FEEL THE WEB COURSING THROUGH YOUR SHUDDERING CARCASS! This, as ever, is the overwrought mess of angst, anger and £5 prose peddling 10p ideas that is WEB CURIOS!

Online art marketplace Rise Art has launched an award for new artists and artworks, with a winner's prize of £10,000.

Venice was GREAT. The Hirst exhibition is crazy, the Biennale is wonderful, the whole place is glorious. 

There, that was my holiday. It's the personal touches which make this blog / newsletter / mess, don't you find? Anyway, the glow of having been in a beautiful city consuming art quickly wore off on my return to the soul-sapping greyness of 'work', so don't expect this edition to be any less cynically beaten-down than it ordinarily is, OK? GOOD. 

I've got a whole afternoon of meetings today - I am SO important! - and probably ought to get dressed before attending them, so this is going to be a mercifully short introduction, all the better to introduce you to this week's murky soup of links and ephemera. Take up your spoon, hold your nose and DIVE IN - I can guarantee you a pleasingly chewy assortment of oddities in each mouthful, but be sure to chew carefully as much of this is a touch indigestible. SUCK DOWN MY WATERY WEB-BROTH! THIS IS WEB CURIOS!

Two new digital magazines launched recently: one in the US, and one in the UK.

The Radical Networks collective is launching its latest event next week in Brooklyn. 

Image protection is active worldwide, yet still, every day, millions of cases of online unauthorized image uses occur. The cases selected here show just how versatile copyright infringements can be. In their own way, they are ground-breaking and have made headlines all over the world, raising new questions when it comes to copyright law.

Digital artist and academic Max Hattler has won this year's Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival with his work Divisional Articulations.

Fastlane founder Felix Krause has made a point regarding an iOS security flaw, in something of a direct way. In producing the Detect.Location app and making it available through the App Store, he has exposed how easy it is to nab a user's images, their historical movements, and even the history of their iPhone ownership.

The future of money looks very different in the world of cryptocurrencies. There is a growing consensus among businesses, investors and countries (Venezuela in particular) that these alternative forms of online money are going to dominate payments in the next decade. There may be agreement on the potential, but quite how regulators and central banks will respond is still up in the air.

Nasty Women is a New York-founded art movement that intends to bring artists together in response to a gradual clawing back of women's rights in society. The movement has unquestionably spread quickly, starting only in January 2017 and now starting in London - at the Black and White building in Shoreditch. We talked about the exhibition and the wider Nasty Women movement with Calum Hall of online art platform Creative Debuts, who is supporting the show.

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