London's Design Museum has announced its shortlist for the Beazley Designs of the Year, with award winners to be announced in January 2018.

We promised that we would be back, and so Issue 2 of Imperica Magazine is currently at the planning stage.

The BBC is soft-launching a new brand identity. With it comes a custom-made typeface, BBC Reith - something very much du jour in contemporary rebrands.

(In)famous punky political performance group Pussy Riot are aiming to turn their experiences into a theatre project, to be staged in London later in the year.

There was meant to be a Curios last week, but I had to go to a wedding. Sorry about that. Also, if I'm entirely honest, there was going to be one until I fcuked up the CMS and lost 4000 words of TOP QUALITY PROSE and was too dispirited to contemplate starting again. So it goes. 

Anyway, at this wedding I met someone from Swindon, a friend of mine's girlfriend - someone who said something so world-shakingly troubling to me that I have to share it with you here. We chatted for a bit, doing the whole 'do you remember x' jazz, before someone else asked this (otherwise lovely) young woman whether I had a Swindon accent - reader, she said that I did, that I had a 'proper twang'. I DO NOT HAVE A FCUKING SWINDON ACCENT. Do I? Anyway, at that moment I had a proper 'Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers' moment, except looking a lot more like a very haggard Wooster-era Hugh Laurie, if you imagine he was acting out a scene in which Bertie had suddenly realised that he was trapped in a neverending sisyphean joke of someone else's invention, that he would never get laid or get rid of Gussie, and that the aunts would NEVER DIE. It was bleak. 

Anyway, I tell that less-than-fascinating anecdote because everything else this past fortnight, out there in the 'real' world, is so bone-shakingly horrid as to be unspeakable. WE ARE NOT ALL GOING TO DIE (YET)! Repeat it, mantra-like, and hope it stays true. So, in what might be the last edition of Curios before we're all living in Threads, let me wish those of you who aren't so selfish as to be sunning yourselves by a pool in France and killing yourselves with cheese consumption a VERY HAPPY FRIDAY. As per usual after a week off, this is a BUMPER CURIOS, pregnant with promise - or, depending on your perspective, bloated and pullulating with larva just waiting to explode from its swollen, greenish belly. Let's get the gloves on and see which! It's WEB CURIOS - tell your friends (or, more likely, enemies). 

Netflix will spend $6 billion on original content in 2017. Between them, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix have scored 125 Emmy nominations this year. The message is clear: Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) is no longer the new kid on the block. And it is this blooming platform which is starting to turn the traditionally male-dominated world of television production on its head.

YouTube has become a perfect destination for ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos, and Ikea has now joined in. A 25-minute video from Ogilvy, IKEA ASMR, features hands slowly moving sheets onto a mattress amongst other excitements, accompanied by a soothing voiceover.

Berlin-based satirist Shahak Shapira was so fed up of reporting hate tweets to Twitter that he sprayed some of them outside their Germany office.

Within the past couple of weeks, the resurrection has been announced of two famous but very different computing magazines: Crash, and Mondo 2000.

If you've spent any length of time as a jobseeker, data scraper or sales researcher, chances are you have been initiated into a select club of internet cognoscenti: those who can comprehend the select terror of a seemingly innocuous tab on the average corporate website. Like the opening of any decent horror, it begins with a door into a homestead that seems welcoming at first, even charming. But the more you look around, the stranger it becomes: the more uncanny and less benign. It’s a phenomenon that goes by the same name everywhere you turn: Meet The Team.

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