House of cards

All-round good egg and friend of Imperica John V Willshire has launched a new product through his Smithery consultancy.


Underlining Smithery's approach - Making things people want - the product, a range of cards, is now available to order through Smithery's new online store.

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AdPrint Festival wraps up for 2012

Europe-wide celebration of creativity AdPrint Festival has rounded up for another year.

AdPrint Festival

Here's the list of winners. As it's a Europe-wide festival, the winning entries are from a broad mix of countries.

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Private lives

Cyborgology is a rather good blog from US magazine The Society Pages.

Queen of Scots private train by Train Chartering, CC licence

And, in this rather good blog, comes a rather good, argumentative, two-parter on privacy.

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Wiki Mania

As agencies become makers – as themselves or through their clients – we are seeing a wealth of new creative endeavours spring up from all sorts of obvious and not-so-obvious places.

Nicole Yershon by Janet E Davis, used with permission

Ogilvy hasn't shied away from these possibilities. A new book is a collaboration between two organisations and one well-known speaker, which came about rather by chance.

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I Cannes I Cannt

OK, we'll come out with it straight away: we love Cannt.


It just grows and grows, and we're delighted to see it back again this year.

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In conversation with... Dave Birss

Dave Birss is well-known in advertising: initially working at agencies such as Poke and Ogilvy, he became a man of many disciplines: coach, consultant, author, and speaker.

Dave Birss. Photo by courtesy of Dave Birss

In advance of Birss' forthcoming talk at SCAMP, we caught up with him to discuss the changing nature of creativity within agencies, and the problems (and opportunities) that agencies have in being able to harness the creative spirit.


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The best from Europe

The folks at IAB Europe have been a bunch of kind souls and uploaded all of the presentations from last week's Interact 2012.

Traffic Light by Tom Godber, CC licence

With topics such as big data, social currency, and premium formats under discussion, it's a bunch of weekend reading right there.

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Zeroes and ones

News is more likely to come to us in Binary than by any other form of transmission. Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung has taken this literally.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Launching a service where the full newspaper is now available online, NZZ has translated it into a binary stream. 

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Rising Hirst

Artist Tamiko Thiel has published a video of his AR project All Hail Damien Hirst.

All Hail Damien Hirst

The project comprises of a Layer AR work, which "comes to life" (as they say) when visiting Hirst's exhibition at Tate Modern.

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It's a shame about Ray

We're sad to announce that Ray Bradbury has passed away at the age of 91.

Scifi Hall of Fame Ray Bradbury by Razvan Orendovici, CC licence

Bradbury has unquestionably made his mark on wider contemporary culture, particularly in sci-fi. With The Martian Chronicles and Farenheit 451  among his most famous work - with many adapted into TV series or films - the importance of his contribution is hard to understate.

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Age ain't nothing but a number

An aging population is often seen in the west as a problem. As the population lives longer, the average age moves up, with the result being lots of healthy people who have retired from work.

Adil Abrar. Photo by courtesy of Adil Abrar

Because these people have many years of active life ahead of them, they are starting to benefit from an increasing number of digital innovations. One such endeavour is The Amazings, from Adil Abrar and the team at Sidekick Studios.

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Boredom is always counter - revolutionary

Theorist, filmmaker, commentator and leader of Situationist International Guy Debord is someone that should be familiar to many Imperica readers.

The society of the spectacle

The film version of his most famous book, The Society of the Spectacle, is now available to watch online, for free.


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In conversation with... Mel Fong Brown and Suzie Quill

At Imperica, we love discussing both art and advertising, so the opportunity to talk about art within advertising was impossible to turn down. Bringing these concepts together is a new project called Higher Pitch, which celebrates artistic talent through gallery exhibitions and much more.

Suzie Quill, Mel Fong Brown. Photo by courtesy of Ellery PR

We caught up with the co-founders of Higher Pitch, Mel Fong Brown and Suzie Quill, to find out more about it.

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In conversation with... Leslie Kulesh and Lucy Woodhouse

Sleeping Upright is a new project from Nottingham-based artist Candice Jacobs. It is designed to develop and exchange new ideas regarding the interrelationship between the Internet and contemporary art. Each artist involved in the project can sell their work through the Sleeping Upright website.

Work by Clunie Reid for Sleeping Upright. Pic by courtesy of Candice Jacobs

Launching the site is an online exhibition, "Reception Area", which features new work from 10 female artists. We invited two of them, Lucy Woodhouse and Leslie Kulesh, to talk about their work and their involvement in the project.

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On the preservation of digital art

Preservation and archiving of digital assets - data and software - is a relatively straightforward process that we all regularly partake in, backing up onto some kind of persistent media such as DVD's, USB drives, hard drives, tape, et al.

Alex May. Photo by courtesy of Alex May

Unfortunately, these mediums will all degrade over time, requiring either regular refreshing by copying from the old media to a new set of media, or generating of new, updated versions. Should we want to preserve these assets for a much longer period, say centuries - and this is can be an important concern for curators and collectors of digital art - we might need to look at more durable mediums.

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Justified and ancient

Excited that the Olympics are coming to London? You're not the only one.

Detail from Crying Room Olympic Unhappy Faces by Lorraine Murphy, CC Deed 2.0

The Illuminati are too. In fact, they're so excited that they have planted their iconography into London 2012 promo videos.

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Dio Lau: body of evidence

Art director, graphic designer and artist Dio Lau is holding his first exhibition in London. "Confession in Water" focusses on Lau's relationship as an artist with the body, and societal perceptions of the body and bodily form.

Detail from

We caught up with Dio to talk about his work and influences.

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IAB Europe announces Research Awards finalists

In advance of IAB Europe's Interact Congress starting later in May, the contenders for the organisation's 2012 Research Awards have been announced.

Get Carter by Peter van der Bossche, CC Deed

There's a load of good stuff this year, with IAB UK (yay!) and Microsoft Advertising the hot contenders.

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Penny drops

Penny is a London-based stenciller.

Penny. Photo by courtesy of Canoe

His range of stencil works on uncut dollar note sheets, sourced directly from the US Federal Reserve, has caught the eye of many and are now seen as being his signature work. We caught up with Penny ahead of his first solo exhibition, "Economy of scale", at the Rook & Raven Gallery in the West End of London.

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Adam Noakes: Life after Facebook

It is exactly four weeks since I notified people on Facebook that I was no longer to have an account. It was about three weeks ago that It was deleted forever.

Adam Noakes. Photo by courtesy of Adam Noakes

The status update eludes to why I walked out on Facebook, but I don't want to just write about the reasons why I left. I'd rather talk about the difference that I have noticed in my life since doing so, mixed with a little insight into why I felt I could cope without Facebook.

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