UK goes to SXSW

South by South West has become absolutely massive for creative industries.

Photo by courtesy of Anjali Ramachandran

If you're from the UK and going to SXSW, then we'd like you to tell us your story.

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Thomson and Craighead: net neutrality

The National Media Museum's Life Online gallery and exhibition space opens on 30/03/12. Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead have been talking about their work for the gallery, a "memorial to the passing of net neutrality".


Life Online


The work features a digitised visual of Tim Berners-Lee, which slowly, continually updates. As Ali says, "When he disintegrates, the Internet as we knew it, has disintegrated".

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Raspberry Pi goes on sale

It's here!

Raspberry Pi

The £22 700MHz ARM-and-Linux-on-a-board machine has been formally launched to UK consumers.

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Phoenix brands: Plessey

Marketing and social history is awash with well-known, well-loved brands that are now defunct. This is certainly the case in British engineering, with conglomerates such as Vickers, GEC, Ferranti, English Electric and Plessey woven into our collective history.

Michael LeGoff. Image provided by courtesy of Plessey Semiconductors

One of these brands has made a bold comeback. Plessey Semiconductors launched in 2010, producing high-technology components from two plants in the south west. We chatted with Group Marketing Manager Derek Rye about the rebirth of the Plessey brand.

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According to UrbanDictionary, YouTube Poop is “a name used for videos posted on YouTube which are usually nonsensical and random. They are simply just randomly chosen clips from things such as cartoons, clipped, looped and remixed to make it sound really strange.”

Still from

Rather absurdist in nature, YouTube Poop is a concept that is several years old and yet is unknown to many, even though many YTP sites and forums exist. One of the more popular and long-established is YouChew, where we spoke with sysadmin Seth (aka Dopply), who is also putting together a compilation of 250 of the best poops.

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Pre-eminent digital art organisation Furtherfield launches Being Social this weekend, the first exhibition at its new home within Finsbury Park.

'Angry Women' by Annie Abrahams, 2011. (From photograph by Michael Szpakowski)

Although the title may imply that it's an exhibition related to social media, as one would expect with Furtherfield, there's much more to it than that.

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FoundBite wins Alphalabs

Congratulations to James Mundy and his project FoundBite, winner of the Nokia / onedotzero WinMo dev competition, Alphalabs.


The app integrates sound, photography and mapping into an app which is designed to record something happening - rather like a permanent scrapbook.

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Colour, landscape, and sideways rain

Our home town and country inevitably shapes us, and it's no different with Emil Ásgrímsson. Born and raised in Iceland, he has brought his colourful, playful mixed-media work to the UK – initially as a student, and now as an exhibitor at the Book Club in London.

Photo by courtesy of Emil Asgrimsson

Emil's exhibition starts shortly, so we took time to interview him just before the show opens to the public.

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Death Race 140

Let me just get this off my chest before I begin... I don't like Mashable!

Stuart Witts

I find the regular stream of sensationalist link-bait to be no better than the bile that spews forth from "newspapers" like the Daily Mail, or the thankfully-deceased News of the World. Ay benefits or insight that it offered the social media community have long passed.

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Cannes do

Screen Social is running a fundraiser at the Book Club for "Cannes in a Van", which takes the best of the UK's independent film off to the Cannes Film Festival in a mobile cinema.

Book Club Screen Social

Screen Social (is that Chris Martin in the audience?)


It all takes place at the Book Club in London this week, and features short films, music videos, and the rather-interesting "experiments with movie soundtracks".

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The best in print

At Imperica, we love digital - but we also love great print work. That's why we like things such as the AdPrint Festival, a Europe-wide competition which celebrates the best creative work in print over the past year.

Adprint Festival

Imperica is a media partner of the AdPrint Festival, which has just launched its call for entries for the 2012 round. If you're in advertising or design and think that the European ad industry should see your great work - whether OOH, news/mags or design - then this might just be the platform to show it.

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The world of the IPA... in the 1950s

This is truly lovely: an introduction to the IPA, made in what looks like 1957 / 1958.


Made by Y&R, it features the modest caption "Technical assistance by Karel Reisz", who went on to direct or produce a number of classic British films: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Morgan: A suitable case for treatment, This Sporting Life, as well as The French Lieutenant's Woman

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Gimme shelter

Bus-Tops is a collaborative public art project, comprising of 30 interactive, mass-participative LED screens attached to bus shelters across London. The project won the London arc of the Arts Council / LOCOG "Artists Taking the Lead" competition.

Bus-Tops. Image provided by courtesy of Alfie Dennen / Art Public

We caught up with Alfie Dennen of Art Public, the organisation behind Bus-Tops, to find out more about the project and how it has taken shape since its recent launch.

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Super collisions

Well-loved audio synthesis and composition platform SuperCollider is the subject of SC Symposium, to be held in London 12/04/12 - 19/04/12.

SuperCollider Symposium Beta Blocker

There is a rather lovely competition attached to the event, with Novation Launchpads offered as prizes to facilitate the composition of further amazing music.

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A broader view

Broad Vision is a project from staff and student researchers from across the University of Westminster's arts and science faculties. It explored the perception and interpretation of microscopic worlds, and investigated questions of mediated vision.

Broad Vision

These issues were explored at an exhibition which took place last summer at the University's own gallery in Harrow, London Gallery West. The work and writing have now been wrapped up in a book, also called Broad Vision.

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Liquid realities

Daan Roosegaarde is the founder of Studio Roosegaarde, an internationally-recognised digital art and design studio responsible for many large-scale, interactive works across the world.

Daan Roosegaarde. Photo by courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde's work "Liquid Space" is coming to London this week, as part of the Kinetica Art Fair. We caught up with Daan to discuss the work, his influences, and the future of the studio.

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Tense and tension

However many screens you consider the future to consist of, the fact is that we are now consuming content in more places. That content is exhibited by more and more devices, of varying screen size.

John Foster. Photo by courtesy of John Foster.

Certain subgenres may not feel "up to the job" of this multi-screen age. Psychological drama, with its requirement to portray the intricate, delicate subtleties of humanity, suggests a more formal environment. Screenwriter and lecturer John Foster feels that this fragmented future is an exciting challenge rather than a limiting hindrance.

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Horizons: the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at 30

Horizons: the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at 30

In April 2012, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was 30 years old. Many people that hold creative, technical, and cultural positions now are, in some way or another, indebted to the little machine that plugged into the living room telly and caused pandemonium if someone stood on the space bar whilst a game was loading. Horizons was an event from Imperica, held at BFI Southbank to celebrate the Spectrum's 30th anniversary, and presented by Leila Johnston and Paul Squires. Part of Sci-Fi London, the event was a rich blend of fun, memories, and future-gazing.


The whole two-day event is documented at Storify.



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Lumin essence

Last November saw the launch of Alphalabs: a collaboration between onedotzero, W+K, and Nokia. Ostensibly an app competition, it is a programmme which encourages artists and developers to share experiential apps built on the Windows Phone 7 platform which powers Nokia's Lumia 800.

Alphalabs c/o onedotzero

The competition has been extended until 13/02/12, with winners announced on 17/02/12. Entries don't necessarily have to be completed projects, and there is £5k for the winner and £500 for ten runners-up.

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Springing up at the British Library

The British Library is launching its first-ever festival of the UK's creative industries in March.

Photo provided by courtesy of the British Library

Jewellery... and plumbing from Laura Brannon


With a Spring Market on the Library's piazza, there's a load of stuff to take part in, across five days.

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