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A big future-gaze to 2020

"The Wedding at Cana", Paolo Veronese, 1562 "The Wedding at Cana", Paolo Veronese, 1562

​Ustwo founder Jules Erhardt has written the third in the series of the company's ​State of the Digital Nation​ tomes on what life would be like in the (near) future. It's all about agencies, clients, and the marketing sector in general, so many of you will find something in it. (And, at 69 minutes long in Medium read length terms, it's chunky.)

The ad holding group agencies are hanging with the startups and tech world like a parent in high tops at a millennial house party. They know tech is cool, and they go to all the gigs Facebook and Google put on to demonstrate the optimal method of applying their lips to their tech tailpipes. All the while the last 10% of market growth slowly disappears… to Google and Facebook.

They are also very happy to spend their big brand client's money to try to help them work out how to play startup, ball pit corporate accelerators and all. But, they have bigger fish to fry with the consultancies looking for a piece of their action. Brands and marketing agencies have downsized their presence at SXSW. "It lost its community of innovation" they say… This is perhaps more of a bellwether of brand's reduced desire to 'play startup' as well as of the more pressing concerns of agencies than the health of SXSW and the tech ecosystem itself.

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