About Imperica

About Imperica “Horizons“, our event on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, BFI Southbank, London, 2012

"New knowledge for creative polymaths" - Peter Cochrane

Imperica is an online magazine which covers topics in and around contemporary culture. This is done in a way for the benefit of our main audience: those in the marketing and communications industry. While our main focus is on issues with a relationship to contemporary digital technology, we cover a wider range - pretty much anything concerning the life (lives?) we live today comes into our range.

Fundamentally, we're all about exploring ideas: exploring, dissecting, and reviewing them. We aim to be critical without being negative; analytical without being boring. 

We offer three things.

1. Imperica.com, this website and newsletter

Think of it as being a really useful scrapbook for planners, strategists, and digital heads/leaders. It’s a short-form blog-like website which updates (usually) daily. Our weekly newsletter Web Curios from Matt Muir rounds all of this, and more, into one big missive. More here.

2. Imperica magazine

If the website is the daily newspaper, then Imperica Magazine is the Sunday supplement. It features a wider range of topics, with deeper analysis, and with long-form articles including interviews and opinion pieces. More here.

3. Commercial services

Finally, we offer all of the above commercially too. This means that we can collate, write, and produce practically anything from research reports to newsletters. More here.

A little bit more about us

  • Chief writer: Matt Muir
  • Editor: Leila Johnston
  • Publisher: Paul Squires
  • Twitter wrangler: Eric Drass / Shardcore
  • Extended thanks: Benjamin Southworth, Brendan Schlägel, all at Tinyweb
  • Imperica is dedicated to our former editor Clare-Marie Grigg, who passed away from Cancer in 2017

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