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About Imperica

"New knowledge for creative polymaths" - Peter Cochrane

Imperica is an online magazine which covers topics in and around contemporary culture. While our main focus is on issues with a relationship to digital technology, we cover a wider range - pretty much anything concerning the life (lives?) we live today comes into our range.

Fundamentally, we're all about exploring ideas: exploring, dissecting, and reviewing them. We aim to be critical without being negative; analytical without being boring.



We occasionally run events, usually in a central London location. Our events have ranged from a 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer, to one on the past, present and future of wearable technologies. Our event archive is here. We also sponsor the annual EVA London prize for the best demonstration.



The Imperica newsletter is a weekly digest of all things interesting from around the web, featuring the rather brilliant Web Curios from Matt Muir.

For those who are less familiar, imagine having your skull trepanned, a RAID storage array inserted into it with the best of the web from the past week, and then being asked to write a coherent narrative on everything that your head contains. That goes only some way towards describing the link, video and comment frenzy that is Web Curios.

Web Curios starts on Friday and all that you need to do to receive it, is to sign up to the Imperica community. The newsletter is also published to the website every Friday afternoon.


A little bit more about us

The Managing Editor of Imperica is Paul Squires. The default profile image on the Imperica community is by Antonio Roberts, and is one of four especially produced for Imperica. If you would like a set of postcards containing all four images then drop us a line.

Imperica is published by a company called Perini in a small office in the centre of Oxford. We do this sort of thing (that is, write, research, and produce) on a commercial basis too. These services are provided under our commercial agency brand, Perera.

If you are interested in working with us, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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