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Anna and Alex present more Intelligent Machinery

Anna and Alex present more Intelligent Machinery Anna Dumitriu

We have covered Brighton-based artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May's work many times over the past nine years, to the extent that we definitely call them friends of Imperica. So, it's good to see that arts organisation Ugly Duck has tasked the couple with an events programme and symposium in September, critically examining the role of robots and robotics in society.

First off is the symposium, taking place just south of Tower Bridge in London. Ugly Duck's purpose is to host exhibitions and arts events in rundown buildings – finding a new, if temporary, use for them after the office movershave been and gone.

Featuring a set of talks on AI, artificial life, and consciousness research, the symposium has an overall aim of critically addressing the neophilia around machine learning, as well as ongoing research into these and related fields.


Speakers include a group of academics from the University of Hertfordshire: Volker Steuber of the Biocomputational Research Group; Daniel Polani, an expert in artificial life; computer scientist Bruce Christianson; and adaptive systems researcher Dr Lola Cañamero.

Following the symposium is the exhibition, which aims to "act as an antidote to contemporary hype around deep learning and warnings about future AI winters by exploring ongoing research in the fields in artificial life, computational neuroscience and consciousness research, and their foundations".

The exhibition, on 28 and 29/09/19, is free; the symposium on 27/09/19 will cost £5.

For more, visit the Ugly Duck website. Oh, and here's how to avoid chargebackson payments, and industrial plastic products at Pounds of Plastic.

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