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Ars Electronica launches a music festival

Ars Electronica launches a music festival Alex Braga, c/o Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica has announced a new event and festival. ​AI x Music​ is to be held across Western Austria, Ars's home turf, in September.

The event will feature artists including Memo Akten, Markus Poschner, and Hermann Nitsch; scientists including Josef Penninger; and others including Amanda Cox from the ​New York Times​ data journalism studio, and reps from companies including Google, Sony, and Bell Labs (now, of course, under the jurisdiction of Nokia). It takes place across five venues: the Ars Electronica Center in Linz of course, alongside other sites including the beautiful - and we do mean stunning​ - St. Florian Monastery, 10km outside the city, where in fact much of the event will take place.

Ars has programmed the event to focus on the "interaction of man and machine", with performances by local orchestral outfit the Bruckner Orchestra. Although they are a "traditional" orchestra, as is evident in the video below, they will be working with other artists using all kinds of kit - synths, wave generators, AI music generators - to perform new work. Other performers include a pair using nothing more than adhesive strips as their instruments, perhaps finding a new meaning to the term "taping music".

Talks include Memo Akten on the role of AI in improvisation; a team from the Glenn Gould Foundation and Yamaha demonstrating an AI bot which can play in the same style as the eponymous pianist; Renata Schmidtkunz and team looking at how science is finally finding its own place in the world after, the team alleges, being secondary to religion for so long; and Siegfried Zielinski looking at the cultural history of machines. 

There's much more to describe than one could write about; it actually looks extraordinarily varied and interesting, and runs from 06 - 08/09/19 in and around Linz. 

Take a look for yourself, here.

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