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Artistic investigations into privacy take the stage in Brussels

Lisette Appledorn

Computers, Privacy and Data Protection is an annual conference, now in its 12th year, run by a group of universities in Belgium. A spin-off exhibition and series of events, Privacytopia, enables an artistic view of contemporary cyberprivacy issues at large.

Works to be shown include Archiving Faceless, a film by Bogomir Doringer (whose cover adorns this article) and Algo-Rhythm by Manu Luksch. Londoners currently have the pleasure of seeing more of Luksch and her works, as she is currently a resident at Somerset House.

Specific events include:

  • Megapixels by Adam Harvey, whose intent is to build a new facial recognition API that enables users to search commercial large-scale image recogition databases in order to challenge and discover what is held about them - and others
  • Faceless by Bogomir Doringer, an ongoing work of which a sample was captured for the aforementioned film. The project is essentially an investigation into whether, and how, we want to be visible and invisible in the networked era

  • Quantification will tear us apart by Manuel Beltran, an ongoing work into the quantified self. Does the ability to measure give us the chance to make unrealistic demands on ourselves, our bodies, and society?
  • Micro targeting and tactical fiction by Manu Luksch, a project aiming to engage people more in the causes and effects of algorithmic decision-making

Privacytopia takes place from 31/01 to 01/02/19 as part of CPDP in downtown Brussels. Further information and registration is available here.

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