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Ask Rick Dickinson

To celebrate the week of Sci-Fi London and our ZX Spectrum celebratory event Horizons, we are continuing with our Reader Q&A spot.

ZX82 by Rick Dickinson

So far we have run Q&As with Jon Ritman (done) and Mel Croucher (in progress). Now it's the turn of Rick Dickinson - the designer of the ZX Spectrum himself.

Rick's contribution to British industrial design is immense. Joining Sinclair Research in 1979, he designed many of Sinclair's most well-known products, including the ZX80, ZX81, and ZX Spectrum (of which an early design of the "ZX82" is pictured). He also designed the Sinclair TV80 and QL before moving onto his own business, Dickinson Associates. His association with Sinclair did not stop there, as Dickinson Associates designed the Z88, Sir Clive Sinclair's hugely innovative portable computer.

Dickinson has also been a pioneer in mobile telephony. Producer of the GSM "reference phone" design for Rockwell, the company has also designed handsets for AT&T as well as the Gizmondo handheld console. The legacy of Dickinson and of Dickinson Associates in consumer electronics is immense.


Put your question to Rick

It's the same method as usual; put your question, we'll collect them all up, and send the best questions onto Rick.

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Thanks to everyone that sends in a question.


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