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Astrology domine

Astrology domine
​What is it?
An article uncovering the explosive growth of astronomy-based memes.

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The format at least should feel familiar. "It starts with the photo," Courtney Perkins, a 23-year-old Los Angeles–based screenwriter and Gemini sun, rising Virgo, and Pisces moon, told me about her process to come up with memes for her @notallgeminis account. "I'll see a funny reaction photo and I've kind of gotten into a system where I'll [write text on] memes 12 times, so I'll do it for every single sign. Sometimes, though, it'll just be like, 'Oh, this seems so Libra.'" Perkins can crank out six in 30 minutes, but for the ones that are more detailed and explanatory, they can take "a significant amount of time," she said.

Dayna Evans

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Meme trends, innit.​

NYM: Astrology - the world's oldest and newest meme trend 

Web Curios 22/06/18
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