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Atmospheric Memory: the air of the past

Atmospheric Memory: the air of the past
July's Manchester International Festival brings with it a new work from digital artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Entitled ​Atmospheric Memory​, the premise is a strong one: to consider the atmosphere as a library of everything ever said.

The premise itself is not new; Charles Babbage considered air to be a 'spoken word library'. Lozano-Hemmer's new piece aims to answer the question as to whether Babbage was right, and if, so, what would we want to do with such a power - and whose voices we would want to hear.

The work features 360-degree projections alongside transformational processes where the "words" from the air are turned into water. Science Museum rarities will also be on show.

Alongside ​Atmospheric Memory​ is ​Future Sessions​, a mini-event from one of the work's producers, Future Eveything. ​Future Sessios​ aims to explore new thinking and ideas around digital heritage; after all, whether air can keep our physical voice or not, if and how we keep our digital voice(s) is of paramount societal importance.

Book tickets for ​Atmospheric Memoryhere, and for ​Future Sessionshere.
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