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Becoming Leonardo da Vinci

Becoming Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-06

 Terence Eden played a fun game with Verisart, a Blockchain-based service for artworks. He convinced it that he was da Vinci, although "convinced" is somewhat extreme; he simply uploaded the painting with some personal details, and there it was, immutably verified forevermore.

There's no way to permanently attach a digital certificate to a physical work of art.

Incidentally, this is the problem with all the startups claiming the blockchain will revolutionise the integrity of global logistics markets. Sure, you can slap a QR code on a crate - but nothing stops an unscrupulous middle-man from replacing or adulterating the contents of the crate.

Terence Eden

We interviewed Terence about QR ages ago. 2011! Time flies, etc etc.

How I became Leonardo da Vinci on the Blockchain

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