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Berlin artist develops mock-future buildings, receives interest from developers

Berlin artist develops mock-future buildings, receives interest from developers

Berlin and Istanbul-based artist Dorothea Nold has developed a range of buildings for the future, with advertising to match installed around Berlin. Such is the supposed authenticity of her vision, though, that investors and developers have made genuine enquiries as to when the estates will be built.

The hoardings, for ​Princess Towers ​in Kreuzberg's Oranienstraße and ​Treptown Visions​ in Treptow, are indeed made up to look like they are real developments coming soon. It's only when one looks at them in more detail that they become less convincing. ​Princess Towers​ comprises of a cylindrical building, not unlike Bullring Tower in Birmingham, with a garden on the top, alongside a second building - a multi-coloured combination of brutalist office and mock-Tudor entrance. The three buildings in ​Treptown Visions​ are all rather collage-like, with one of them looking like a giant children's crocodile puppet - not necessarily a bad thing.

Dorothea told the ​Guardian: 

"I put the placards in places in which I would hate to see developments... These are exactly the open spaces the city needs to preserve. I wanted to generate that shock moment when you see them and say, 'oh no, not here as well?'"

The developments are by a fictitious company called Schark Immo, a play on the "rent shark" image of Berlin's private landlords. The city government is set to impose rent controls in the near future - something which London could really do with.

​Princess Towers​ and ​Treptown Visions​ are not too dissimilar to the visions that revolutionary architect-artists Archigram had in the 1960s; ahead of their time but with an authentic glimpse into where and how we might be living in the near future.

More on Dorothea and her work, including these two latest works, are on her website.

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