Adult media use and attitudes: Ofcom launches UK report

Adult media use and attitudes: Ofcom launches UK report Monty Python's Flying Circus
 This is the latest iteration of Ofcom's regular report, which in this case uses research data from 2017. 88% of adults are online; those who are online spend a day a week connected; 62% of online respondents have a Facebook account (but this is declining); 11% of online respondents use WhatsApp as their primary social service, an almost 3x ju...
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Facebook is the crack den of emerging economies

Facebook is the crack den of emerging economies Rulenumberone2, CC licence
​Bloomberg ​ has a good piece about Facebook. Despite the multitude of woes and concerns regarding the Zuckopticon's business practices and data retention/commercialisation policies, emerging markets around the world have solidly embraced the social network and won't let go. One study found that 30 percent of online sales in Southeast Asia occurred...
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Who am I in the digital age?

Who am I in the digital age? Carl Nenzen Loven, CC licence
​The ID Question ​ is a excellent series of articles from the  ​How we get to next ​ story team which focus on issues surrounding personal identity across the world.  Written by  Padmaparna Ghosh and produced by friend of Imperica Anjali Ramachandran , there are currently 5 "episodes" in a series of 6, supplemented with bac...
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Snap tries to reinvent the spot ad

Snap tries to reinvent the spot ad Eduardo Woo, CC licence
​Historically resistant to display advertising but strangely still unprofitable, Snap has launched fixed six-second video ads called... wait for it...  ​Commercials ​. This is really the first time that Snap has moved into traditional spot advertising, and will run in its 3-5 min short-form video offer called Snapchat Shows. Snap has alre...
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Snapchat launches Snappables: interactive selfie games

Snapchat launches Snappables: interactive selfie games Snap
Snap has announced  ​Snappables ​, a service where user's faces are imposed into games played across the Internet with friends in your Snapchat network. Here's how it works.  It looks pretty decent and is an obvious extension to the company's repertoire in networked AR. It also gives a further USP in terms of Snapchat's offer. Snap themse...
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Amazon Alexa can now be customised with interactive scripts

Amazon Alexa can now be customised with interactive scripts Mack Male, CC licence
Amazon's Alexa technology can now be fully customised. Skill Blueprints, a new service from Amazon, offers the opportunity to "create personal Alexa skills in minutes". If you think that this is going to be a complex back-end piece of work, then think again. This is in fact  ​consumer-grade application customisation ​. You can choose from serv...
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Sketch comedy

4404750930_da6c16bbce_b Alan Fletcher, The Cube, Manchester. Photo by Matt Batchelor, CC licence
​ ​Drawpod  ​is a new podcast from Natalia Talkowska and Matt Ballantine which explores the hows, whys, and wherefors of drawing. With a tagline of  ​"Drawing on the radio" ​, it contains a features a drawing challenge and a soundscape in which your mind can float away and put pencil to paper. Natalia runs Natalka Design – creative a...
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How voice technologies will change marketing strategies for brands

Beijing Voice at Pace Beijing Beijing Voice at Pace Beijing. Edward Sanderson, CC licence
Voice search has already been with us for about half a decade, but has only infiltrated 20% of mobile searches. ComScore predicts this will increase to 50% of all searches in the next two years, delivering a sea of change to brand marketers. The focus on packaging, design, and image will become secondary as voice technology enhances conversational ...
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The anti-patterns of ASMR

The anti-patterns of ASMR Nic McPhee, CC licence
Anti-patterns are great to play with ; the deliberate introduction of friction into people's lives to provoke an action or reaction. The concept of  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is now being exploited to trigger reactions other than... "tingly". In his collaboration with Quentin Fiore, The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory ...
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The sluggish growth of European startups

The sluggish growth of European startups
​​German news magazine ​Focus ​ recently published an article with a stark, graphic reminder as to the growth of European startups from digital and software... or, rather, the lack of growth.  SAP is the dominant force in Europe. Whatever your thoughts of SAP (which seemingly doesn't know good UX if it ran them over), it has a greater market c...
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How Facebook curates

How Facebook curates Antonio, CC licence
​ ​The Web Foundation ran an experiment in Argentina where six new FB profiles were set up, and then ran an experiment to see what information each profile received: The way we experience the web today is largely through algorithms. Search algorithms determine the results we see. Targeting algorithms decide which ads we are shown. Algorithms on soc...
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How to stop AI reinforcing a male-dominated world

How to stop AI reinforcing a male-dominated world Jocelyn Kinghorn, CC licence
Ivana Bartoletti, writing in advance of the launch of the Fabian Women's Network: And if robots are taking human jobs, we need to figure out how we would deal with a large jobless population. Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies' use of robots, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other typ...
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Is the future the future?

Is the future the future? Tangi Bertin, CC licence
  This is a good, long read on the opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence, by Berkeley Professor Michael Jordan. He believes that such is the power of AI that contemporary public discourse is simply ineffective in addressing and understanding its scope and diversity. Jordan also paints a picture of the future based on AI and h...
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An excerpt from the Post-Truth and Irreconcilable Differences Commission

An excerpt from the Post-Truth and Irreconcilable Differences Commission Dennis Redfield, CC licence
​ A Valediction for a Platform (in the Form of Two Epigraphs) "Language is neither reactionary nor progressive, it is quite simply fascist; for fascism does not prevent speech, it compels speech." - Roland Barthes, 1977 "A lot of attention alone creates value." - DT, 1987 1. Intro Twitter has been cleansed. The publicly available corpus, numbering ...
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YouTube sets out its priorities for the year

YouTube sets out its priorities for the year
​Perhaps rather belatedly, Google has refreshed its priorities for YouTube in 2018, and published them to Blogger. (Also, who uses Blogger anymore? It looks like it was last updated in 2002.) YT CEO Susan Wojcicki talks through transparency, communications, monetisation, policies, and education for creators. She introduces her update by talking hon...
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We've a good feeling about this

We've a good feeling about this Jeremy Segrott, CC licence[email protected]/23907666851/
 A cracking read on tacticality and surfaces: The tacticality of tactical goods is not an essential quality. It emerges from an assemblage of accidental qualities more atomic than itself. We've discussed three of those qualities. Alone, no one of them will make something "tactical". Together (and in concert with other qualities we've not discu...
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When algorithms become unexpected

mandelbrot Keith Hall, CC licence
This is a really good piece on the unpredictability of algorithms : Machine learning algorithms are not like other computer programs. In the usual sort of programming, a human programmer tells the computer exactly what to do. In machine learning, the human programmer merely gives the algorithm the problem to be solved, and through trial-and-error t...
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When computer-generated Instagram models fight

When computer-generated Instagram models fight Bermuda /v Instagram
Lil Miquela is a 19-year old singer, model, and influencer. With around 900k followers on Instagram, you might wonder why she hasn't occupied the ​Mail Online ​ sidebar of shame yet. The answer is simple: ​she doesn't exist ​. The space in which Miquela occupies is the hyperrealistic one predicted in many a famous SF novel over the past 40-or-so ye...
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Mailchimp offers GDPR advice

Mailchimp offers GDPR advice Robyn Mack, CC licence
​You're going to be bombarded with promoted tweets by companies offering GDPR advice over coming weeks, in advance of its enforcement from 25 May onwards. Thankfully, Mailchimp has published some advice on web form compliance with the legislation. Here are some things to know before you begin this process. Enabling GDPR fields on your signup forms ...
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Everyone is the same but different

Everyone is the same but different Uggboy, CC licence
This is very good on how algorithms are creating a homogenous gloop of style and fashion, rather than diverse individualism: The threat of banality (or the lack of surprise) implicit in full machine curation reminds me of the seemingly random vocabulary meant to improve SEO on Craigslist posts. As one chair listing I encountered put it: "Goes with ...
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