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Bricolage 10/04/19

Bricolage 10/04/19 Phil Hearing, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/philhearing/7125998929/

​This is the first in a weekly (perhaps twice-weekly) list of stuff that we've been looking at, have been sent, and have saved. We might cover these in the next few days in greater detail - or not. But, we'd like to share these with you anyway. For a much more comprehensive roundup, subscribe to our Friday newsletter.

It‘s good that we don‘t have a Silicon Valley in Europe. We were going to run a piece on this topic, so largely, we agree: a people-first, mindful approach can allow Europe to transcend the "move fast and break things" approach of the valley.

Doug Engelbart on paradigms and interactive text. Thanks Philo.

Flop accounts on Instagram. Yes, you need to know what they are.

Online influences and authenticity. Thanks Jay.

The declaration of responsible AI. Thanks Phillipp.

Women reclaiming AI at the awesome NearNow in Nottingham.

Culture declares emergency - a cultural response to the climate crisis, something which Brexit has pushed out of the news agenda.

Screening surveillance - three short films on surveillance futures. Thanks Tim and Sava.

Out of the box is the theme of the next Ars Electronica.

New work from our old friend Patrick Tresset. Here's our profile of Patrick from 2011, at Tenderpixel (RIP).

Opening tonight at Almine Rech in London: a gorgeous new exhibition from Chloe Wise. This weekend: Anamorphic Waves from Ugly Duck, a "a new media art exhibition exploring technological horizons" (the fixed scroll on UD's website is kinda irritating).

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Web Curios 12/04/19
Nix to speak at Cannes Lions