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Bring a keynote speaker to your office

Bring a keynote speaker to your office

We recently covered Justin Kirby’s excellent new book The definitive guide to strategic content marketing. It is, genuinely, a pretty excellent book. So, why not have the author himself turn up for a talk in your office?

Justin has launched a new service entitled Keynote in your office. Rather than spend a four-figure sum - per person, remember - on going to conferences in order to hear a keynote, this reverses the process. The idea is that an agency can book Justin to come and speak in their office. So, per person, it’s much cheaper.

The keynote sessions can be as short as 45 minutes, but Justin also offers a three-hour workshop, where participants work through a particular problem which they wish to explore or solve.

With agencies, that is often about being clear about what their value proposition is - given that the customer journey is anyone's game now. They need to be clear about where they fit in, and - perhaps more fundamentally - what they do. With brands, the workshop session is more likely to be a capability-building exercise with tools, techniques and processes being explored as part of a “learning through doing” format. Essentially, the two sessions are about theory and its praxis.

It’s a great idea. If you’re interested in one of the UK’s best marketing speakers offering knowledge and insight without having to leave your office, then drop him a line here.

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