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Building bicycles for our minds

Building bicycles for our minds Dion Raftapoulous, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/132496393@N02/32239815432/
Technology has a hole in it, I can feel it. Something isn't right and while the current era of technology platforms feels like it has reached its zenith, there is something missing from the way many people are talking about the future.

We have 2.5 billion smartphone users today — each of whom has access to all the knowledge of the world — yet these devices often aren't working for them nor consistently making their lives better. And rather than a flourishing of creativity and cultural energy, we are seeing people drift in a haze of information overload, likes/social anxiety, and sometimes depression. Rather than technology spreading the freedom we enjoy, we are seeing technology weaken our democracy. The tools we have built are used by enemies of our way of life and culture to sow seeds of fear and chaos. People feel unmoored … I have no idea how to pronounce the word "zerrissenheit", but its definition, "torn-to-pieces-hood", describes how I feel at times.

The future, today, has a hole in it.

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