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Buy tickets directly from Snapchat

Buy tickets directly from Snapchat Anthony Quintano, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/quintanomedia/32926837384

​Snapchat has announced an integration with US ticket vendor SeatGeek, allowing popular event tickets to be purchased directly from the Snapchat app. While SeatGeek is only available in the US market (and Snapchat announced tickets from LA Football to be the first event provider through the partnership), it's probable that integrations with other vendors will come to other markets.

SeatGeek provides an open platform where performers and events can sell directly through the service, massively upscaling the service's reach in one fell swoop. The company's co-founder Russ D'Souza said ​"The pipe gets solidified"​, which suggests something more like a problem which requires a plumber callout, than one which implies a value-added integration of consumer services.

TechCrunch: SeatGeek and Snapchat

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