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Carlsberg's new campaign goes for all-or-nothing

Carlsberg's new campaign goes for all-or-nothing Anton Kudris, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/jodaka/2586730290/

Have you seen retweets from Carlsberg where the original author is slagging off their lager? 

​Rather obviously, there's some reverse psychology going on. As Marketing Week explains, Carlsberg is slagging off its past in order to attract you to its future. The brewer has claimed that it has completely changed its recipe for the popular but lowly lager, with its social media campaign built around criticism of the old recipe in order to justify a desire for the new one.

Whether this works is open to question. It is similar in intent to a recent KFC campaign, and Carlsberg intends to respond to all of its retweets, attracting Twitter users to the new brew.

Twitter of course allows for immediate responses, so if you don't know, or care, that Carlsberg has changed the product, then you might respond with a ​"lol wtf"​ or ​"carlsberg - fire your social media intern"​ -type response. And, this is the critical thing. It's such a balance to put your brand into the Twitter pit of fire like this, that if it doesn't work out then you're damned for all eternity (realistically about 15 minutes). The ​volte face​ reaction to such retweets is going to be surprise or some negativity - and this is particularly likely to go wrong if people buy and like the new product ​but then​ see the negative tweet.

The planning and execution involved in a campaign such as this is fraught with danger and timing. In a world of craft beer, this becomes all the more risky - but hats off to Carlsberg for at least trying something different.

We haven't seen a new Special Brew campaign though...

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