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David Byrne on big data

David Byrne on big data Dirk Haun, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/dhaun/42584723175

I was reading a piece in Artforum by Mario Carpo on big data and how it is being used by a new wave of architects. He made some surprising comments—none of which relate to architecture—that sort of blew my mind.

He pointed out that for many hundreds of years, science has been about discovering the essences behind phenomena—it is a method to find the simple laws and rules that govern our universe. Science presumes that there are such guiding principals to be found. Science has faith that these principals exist. We who subscribe to this faith believe all is not random and chaotic.

This last part, science and religion have in common. They both believe that ordering principles exist. Of course in religion, the principle behind all the other principles is divine—supernatural. It is beyond man and nature; outside of our world. With science there is a similar faith, but that faith says that the laws and principles are what makes up our world—they are us and we are them. In a sense, the rules are God.

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