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Dawn Parsonage's new exhibition is unbelievably boring


 ... and deliberately so.

Held at Project Space in south London, our fellow Oxfordian Dawn Parsonage has been collecting photos of people being generally bored for over 20 years. That, in itself, is boring.

But, of course, there is much - SO MUCH - more to the exhibition than that. The aesthetics of people just sitting around, often in badly-focussed photographs taken in houses, are intriguing in themselves. What are they doing? Why are they just sitting there? What drew the photographer to take such a photo in the first place?

An underlying point is to question what boredom means these days. Socially, we are all supposed to be doing something with our time, ​all the time​. Working. Checking our phones. Checking our emails. Going somewhere. The social value of just sitting down and doing absolutely fuck all appears to have been lost. To paraphrase right-wing nutjob Morrissey, no day is like Sunday any more - not even Sunday, which is now made up of doing all the things that you forgot or had no time to do in the rest of the week, topped off with dragging an exhausted carcass to the shops and ending up queuing in Starbucks.

Anyway, we digress. Go and be bored. The Boring Exhibition runs until 06/07/19 at Project Space, Bermondsey.

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