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DCMS publishes a guide to personal data mobility

DCMS publishes a guide to personal data mobility

The UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has worked with innovation agency Ctrl-Shift to produce a new report entitled Data Mobility: The personal data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy.

It promises that the management of personal data presents "significant growth opportunities with economic and societal gains" but that consumers don't yet have enough knowledge as to what those opportunities are for them, and that businesses don't yet understand where the market actually lies. In other words, developing a market (dare we say ecosystem?) around personal data is very much in its infancy.

That said, the report rightly publicises the UK's Open Banking initiative, where bank account information can be ported between bank/supplier interfaces, as a step in the right direction, and something of a "tip of the spear" regarding building understanding of personal data portability. To a lesser extent, the report also shines a positive light on Midata.

Ctrl-Shift recommends a "co-ordinating body" to keep the market balanced, developed, and supported, so presumably we're thinking of something along the lines of TechCityUK or one of the Broadband support groups here.

It's one of those reports which don't necessarily state anything that isn't already apparent, but it's useful in terms of emphasising an agenda where one's own data is indeed that, rather than something to be merely consumed by the digital giants and their ​"You are the product"​ agenda.

View the report here.

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