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Everything on Amazon is Amazon

Everything on Amazon is Amazon

In 1618, an aspiring alchemist in Constantinople named Avedis created his first copper alloy cymbals. In 2018, a few hundred products from his brand, Zildjian, one of the oldest companies in the world, are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, just like Hanes underwear or Xerox copiers or Bounty paper towels or Chanel perfume or an Eames chair or Colgate toothpaste or a brand-new PopSocket for your phone.

There are vanishingly few types of consumer goods that you can't buy, in some form, on Amazon. But it is missing plenty of brands. In 2009, the company started selling products under its own name. It soon moved beyond the first AmazonBasics — items including budget electronics and batteries — to a wider range of Amazon-branded products. This was followed by an explosion of company-owned brands, including dozens with Amazon-free names.

Lark & Ro sells women's wear, Buttoned Down sells men's dress shirts; Pike Street sells linens; Strathwood sells furniture. These brands are intended to stand on their own, sort of. They are associated with Amazon, and listed on the site's dozens of different contexts as "Our Brand" or "by Amazon" or "An Amazon Brand." (Some new brands are undercover but then blow their cover, as in Amazon Brand - Solimo Pasta, Thin Spaghetti, 16oz.")

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