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Facebook wants a share of the creators

Facebook wants a share of the creators

​What is it?
Facebook has announced a range of new initiatives in order to steal the "Creators' Crown" away from YouTube.

What is it about?
Well, quite a lot.

  • ​Interactive video is now available, which contains features such as live polling, and "gamification for live video", although we're not yet sure what that's about.
  • Videos from Pages now appear in Facebook Watch - no, not some kind of wrist-worn attachment to the Zuckopticon but the name of the company's VOD service.
  • Top fans may now display badges on their profile. 

... and...

  • ​There's a new video template for Facebook Pages.
  • Facebook Creator is now available for Android, in addition to the existing iOS offering.
  • There's a version of the Rights Manager tool now available for content creators.

... it keeps on coming...

  • ​Brand Collaborations Manager is probably the most important feature here. Content creators can appear in a sort of directory for brands to launch partnerships.
  • Ad Breaks is rolling out to all creators in the US.
  • Fan Subscriptions is doing the same, with a $4.99 monthly subs model being launched. We're not sure how much of that ends up with the creator, though.

​Why should you know about it?
​Three words: Brand Collaborations Manager. It removes the influencer marketing model, and gives brands the chance to engage directly with the creators that matter to their audiences. There's still a role for influencer marketers to play - in that they could be the arbiter of the creators used by the brand - but that's a much smaller role than as at present.

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