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Facing up: new algo-exhibition at the Photograpers' Gallery

Facing up: new algo-exhibition at the Photograpers' Gallery

Part of Data / Set / Match at the Photographers' Gallery in London is new work by prolific artist Dr. Heather Dewey-Hagborg. Entitled ​How do you see me?​, the exhibition presents sequences which are from the same source, but are totally different. This is due to the use of "evolutionary algorithms", not just to recognise facial features but to work out the relationship back to Dewey-Hagborg's own face.

As we are increasingly engulfed by images of dubious origin, propagated through politically structured networks and curated by opaque and sometimes discriminatory algorithms, it feels an important moment to reflect critically on the power of the image and our reliance on representational assumptions. Dewey-Hagborg aims to unpack the ways that images are increasingly generated and used today in computational science and expose the hidden workings contained in these processes. How Do You See Me? keys in to the problematics of categorisation more generally, a hugely significant biopolitical issue and of particular importance when considering the production of images used in police, state, and disciplinary contexts.

The Photographer's Gallery

Complementing the exhibition is a symposium on 14/09/19 on the relationship between datasets, classification, and machine vision.

Unique and rather haunting stuff. More here.

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