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Geocities finally dies in 2019

Geocities finally dies in 2019 Yahoo Geocities Japan

Who knew that Geocities was - in contemporary parlance - still a thing? Yahoo Japan, a business separate to its troubled creator, has announced that Geocities Japan is to be finally put to rest in 2019.

Yahoo Japan itself is a very different beast. Originally created in 1995 as a joint venture between Yahoo and SoftBank, the company continued to be the cash cow for its American JV parent even while the operation on its home turf was floundering. When Verizon acquired Yahoo US last year, the rump company was renamed Altaba and principally contains its continuing JV shareholding in Yahoo Japan (Update: Altaba has since sold its share to SoftBank, with its remaining major asset being its shareholding in Alibaba. -Ed) 

As well as Geocities Japan continuing for all this time, Yahoo Japan has even retained the old red Yahoo logo. Whilst Yahoo elsewhere changed to a slicker, purple beast under Marissa Meyer‘s watch, YJP has kept the mid-90s feel going strong.

Geocities Japan essentially offers the same service - web hosting - as its old US sibling. Boasting over 4 million customers, Geocities‘ tiered offerings range from a flat 100mb of storage at no charge for YJP users, up 10GB with online store capability and CGI functionality (What is this - 2004? - Ed) for 500 Yen per month, which is about £3.50.

So, let‘s cherish this final outpost of Geocities while it‘s still there. The service closes next March.

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