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Datavized and Google launch interactive dataviz tool

Datavized and Google launch interactive dataviz tool

With support from Google’s News Initiative, Datavized has launched Morph, a free data visualisation application which can produce some genuinely stunning results.

Here’s a video on how it works. 

Datavized itself is a rather talented company. Its three employees are New School lecturer and marketing consultant Debra Anderson; Yale nanoscience bod and technologist Hugh McGrory; and Brian Chirls, an experienced JavaScript and WebVR developer.

For UK readers of a certain age, you’re almost certainly thinking of a small, brown plasticine man from a BBC cartoon series when seeing the word “Morph”. Charmingly, the team also note this in a detailed Medium post of how Morph was built (it’s all front-end JS).

To try it out for yourself, simply go to the Morph website and follow the “Get started” link. There’s also a link to the code on GitHub, so you can wrangle with it as you wish.

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