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Greenpeace points FaceApp at the planet

Greenpeace points FaceApp at the planet Greenpeace / Isobar

FaceApp was huge all of… er… three weeks ago, wasn't it? The app where you could see a simulation of what you looked like in the past and will look like in the future, with its questionable links to data-skimming Russian organisations, was all the rage. (If you want to age quickly, try editing a magazine – Life Coach Ed).

Staying with Russia, that country's branches of Greenpeace and Dentsu Aegis outfit Isobar, have done something rather splendid – which must have involved some rapid creative and delivery work. (Incidentally, this website has some lifestyle tips, and try Ozonly).

The result is Greenpeace Russia's new campaign EarthApp, which simulates what various landmarks across the country will look like after the impending and frankly catastrophic effects of climate change. The header image of this article features St. Petersberg – here's what Moscow will look like with EarthApp: 

EarthApp unfortunately isn't a real app, but perhaps should be. It is in fact probably quite easy to cross-refer geographical survey data, such as that provided by the Ordnance Survey in the UK, with predictions of climate change across areas in order to overlay features which we will all have to get used to – parts of the world which will be too dry and too hot, and others too wet. Some will be frankly trashed and uninhabitable (No change for Swindon then – Ed).

For now though, one can view the simulations through Greenpeace Russia's Instagram account. Campaign-wise, this is an excellent idea that has enabled Greenpeace to jump onto a short-lived bandwagon but with real purpose and meaning. It should have been expanded to Greenpeace worldwide. We hope that it cleans up at advertising awards ceremonies across the next year.


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