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Hoxton gets all the colour

Hoxton gets all the colour

​Carnovsky​ is Milan-based duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. Working for 12 years now, they are most well-known for prints which feature large-scale, almost stencil-like figures laid out in multi-layered RGB spot colours. Their work is now coming to Hoxton in east London.

We do like our dry humour but we're actually being kind when we say that it looks like the ideal wallpaper for a 6-year-old boy. Animals burst across the scene, with lighting illustrating varying fauna and flora in accordance to whether the silhouette is R, G or B.

OK, dry humour time: it looks as if someone has taken a fuckton of acid and then went into the Amazon. And, again, we're being nice when we say that.

It's all rather nice. The transitions between the red, green and blue are swift and stark so might jolt some, but that's obviously part of the piece.

The venue calls this an "Instagrammer's dream". While we're not sure of that (Notting Hill seems to be taking that title), it might be enticing for some to pop in and relive their days working for a dotcom startup in Hoxton before the bubble burst.

​RGB Universe​ by Carnovsky is now showing at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London, from 05/03/19.

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