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IAB Interact announces innovation winners

IAB Europe's Interact conference has announced the inaugural winners of its Innovation Camp competition.

Tent by Sarah Camp, CC Deed 2.0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahcamp/506930829/

The winners are vendors of social media and mobile advertising solutions, proving that there's still juice to squeeze out of these concepts.

Belgium's Engagor offers a social platform to track and place social media campaigns. The company website suggests that it contains a fair amount of features: it's basically a multi-channel publishing mechanism combined with an insights-driven dashboard and the ability to fully export the data to Excel and the like. Oh, and they frequently use the word "Awesome" in their website for added Down-Wit-Da-Kids points.


From Catalonia, Smadex (not to be confused with this) offers a geolocative mobile ad platform, which is designed to drive people into stores - so the ads have maps and local offers. It comes in three parts: an ad server, an HTML5 mobile page generator, and a white-labelled loyalty app for end consumers. We can't knock Smadex for trying to counter the belief that "digital is killing the High Street", even though it's a pretty simple solution to a more complex problem. And, given that not everyone is driven by one brand, how does it work with shopping malls or particular key areas that councils or trade associations wish to promote? We hope that they can crack these bigger issues.


Of course, we congratulate the winners, but... the UK has Tech City, global and emerging leaders in media technology, and we couldn't win this prize? Tut, tut...

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