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Combining insight with intelligence, humour with hard analysis and comment with candour, Imperica Magazine is simply what we want it to be: a great monthly read. Although our roots are firmly in the creative industries and technology, the magazine has a much broader brief, covering everything and anything regarding the world around us.

Issue 6 - buy it here (PDF) (EPUB) (Apple Books) (Kindle soon)

  • FOMO and existential crises
  • Racist psychedelics
  • Social media sperm donors
  • Losing your worldly possessions
  • Confidence
  • Military meals
  • The Demon Headmaster
  • Much more

Issue 5 - buy it here (PDF) (EPUB) (Apple Books) (Kindle soon)

Issue 4 - buy it here (PDF) (EPUB) (Kindle) (Apple Books)

Issue 3 - buy it here (PDF) (EPUB) (Kindle(Apple Books)

Issue 2 - buy it here (PDF) (EPUB) (Kindle) (Apple Books)

  • The wild world of Yahoo! Japan
  • Technological enhancement of our physical and mental selves
  • What is establishment and anti-establishment thinking
  • The portrayal of young Jewish people on American TV
  • The language of the workplace
  • Elizabeth Wurtzel and ​Prozac Nation
  • Digital facial recognition in artistic practice
  • Much more

Issue 1 - buy it here (PDF) (Kindle)

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