Imperica magazine

CoverCombining insight with intelligence, humour with hard analysis and comment with candour, Imperica Magazine is simply what we want it to be: a great monthly read.

Although our roots are firmly in the creative industries and technology, the magazine has a much broader brief, covering everything and anything regarding the world around us.

Articles for the first issue include:

  • Huel, and Silicon Valley's craze for food replacements
  • Millennial founders - myth versus reality
  • Postcards from the Phillippines
  • The Snooper's Charter
  • How to solve the problem of fake news
  • The psychological effects of the selfie
  • Copyright: necessary, evil, or necessary evil
  • Art, science, and climate change

Imperica Magazine is online-only. Placing an order here provides downloads to EPUB and PDF versions. Kindle owners can place an order through their local Amazon online store.

The price is £2 (apx €2.28 / $2.62). Simply switch currencies on the Cart page and place your order.

Brand Perini Networks Europe Ltd

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