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Imperica magazine: a guide for writers

Imperica magazine: a guide for writers Treated cover of Imperica Magazine issue 1, Shardcore

We launched Imperica in August 2010 and finally got around to launching a "proper" magazine in 2017. It has an ISSN number and you can buy it as an EPUB. Yes, a proper magazine.

For no other reason than a wanton, illogical yet burning desire, we're now publishing Imperica Magazine every month(ish). Yes, we know that we have left it for quite a while. We'll try to get better at maintaining a regular frequency - well, more regular than ​"when we feel like it, which is currently every 2 and a half years"​.

Here‘s a Q&A which we have put together; hope that it’s helpful.

What is Imperica magazine?
This is probably best expressed by a sentence elsewhere on our website: "Combining insight with intelligence, humour with hard analysis and comment with candour, Imperica Magazine is simply what we want it to be: a great monthly read." Although our website and broader editorial proposition is based in arts and technology, the magazine can and should really cover anything in contemporary culture.

What makes an ideal article for the magazine?
Four simple points really:
- A personal view on something...
- ... which can be expressed with passion...
- ... with the topic being anything regarding contemporary society...
- ... and isn't afraid to write long-form.

The canvas is entirely yours and it would genuinely be an honour to publish your work. Feel free to buy a copy to get a guide of form and style.

Does that mean you prefer pitches / ideas for topics over specific commissions?
Currently, yes. If there's something burning away in your brain that you want to write about, and no-one has ever given you the platform to do so, then here's your opportunity.

Also, don‘t think that a (politely) rejected pitch means that‘s it. We want new stuff all the time, so your idea might be more suitable for a subsequent issue. Don‘t be a stranger.

Can I work remotely?
Yes. In fact, yes please. Our office in the centre of Oxford is nice but we're not always there and it's absolutely freezing in Winter (seriously; we only have storage heaters - no gas connection - and it only starts warming up by Wednesday). Work and write from wherever you like.

What about payment?
We pay market-comparable rates, common with publications which have many, many more readers than ourselves. However, as revenue from the magazine picks up, we aim to get to paying the full NUJ rate as soon as possible. For payment itself, we aim to pay as quickly as possible by either bank / BACS or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Anything else?
Yes. We have a rather entertaining newsletter which goes out each Friday (subscribe here).

If you would like to contribute to Imperica Magazine and/or would like to buy a copy of a previous issue, simply email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We welcome photographers and artists as well as writers. Everyone will be responded to.

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