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In a world of fake news, what is truth?


Excellent stuff from Jay Owens:

But authenticity became a performance, as we started to speak to audiences of hundreds and thousands beyond our 'real' pools of friends and family, and 'likes' and follower counts trained us to create the kinds of content that would be the most popular, over the realistic depictions of our day-to-day. Our Instagram feeds professionalised: the quality of photography got better, the captions wittier. The relationship to our real lives became more complicated

The ur-point of this, for me, is the #liveauthentic hashtag on Instagram: a compendium of the most Kinfolk-perfect depictions of an enviable foodie, travel lifestyle, Rise-filter tinted for that 'golden hour' glow.

Medium: Post-authenticity and the real truths of meme culture

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