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Is marketing ruining the English language?

Is marketing ruining the English language? Lukabon via Wikipedia

​Calvin once said to Hobbes: ​"Verbing weirds language"​. What their creator, Bill Waterson, would make of the absolute nonsense that purports itself to be contemporary advertising slogan writing is a mystery. However, here's a general view: it's bullshit. Look at some of the examples in this article:

Baffling slogans have become the new norm in adland. Perhaps Apple laid the foundations in 1997 with its famous Think Different campaign, but things have since gone up a notch: in 2010, Diesel blurted out perplexing offerings such as "Smart had one good idea and that idea was stupid". Then came Zoopla with its "Smart knows" campaign. Now we're informed by Ireland's flag carrier that "Smart flies Aer Lingus". Who are these people called Smart and how can we avoid sitting next to them on our next flight?

Today's language-mangling ad campaigns run the greasy gamut from the somewhat confusing "Live your unexpected Luxembourg" to the head-scratching "Start your impossible".

Christopher Beanland

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