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Is the age of the app finally over?

Is the age of the app finally over?

The shift toward mobile apps in the past 10 years has revamped our lives. From having a conversation to ordering food, they have made our lives easier than ever.

2018 has undoubtedly been exciting for the mobile apps market. With a year-on-year growth rate of around 11%, the past year has witnessed over 27 billion app downloads worldwide. This increasing market need and improvements to functionality mean that mobile apps are going to bring a notable opportunity for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. The mobile app development industry is still growing, and, seemingly, there's no stopping it.

With the latest inventions and technological advancements taking place in the mobile app industry, it's important to take a look at what's trending in mobile app development for 2019. These trends will open the doors for many new opportunities for startup owners and entrepreneurs. Let's check out:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have both created value in the mobile apps. AI is an area of computer science emphasizing the intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans.

These technologies have made their mark in the form of voice assistants and chatbots. In the coming years, the utilization of these technologies will not just be limited to voice assistants and chatbots. Various organizations have started investing in AI and ML to develop apps and data integration with analytics.

As per a recent IDC report, more than 75% of workers using ERP solutions will get the benefits of AI capabilities to enhance their skills in the workplace. That means that these technologies will not only revolutionize the mobile app industry but will open the doors for outstanding new personal opportunities for the future.


Blockchains allow for the creation foolproof records across a network and to track transactions with increased security and confidence.

This year, Blockchain technology is ready to enter a new stage, as it will be adopted at scale by charities, companies, and financial organizations. Those organizations and enterprises that require secure transactions and record keeping will make use of blockchain over time.

Also, many financial organizations are considering this technology in traditional banking operations. As per a report by PwC India, by the year 2020, over three quarters of financial institutions will include Blockchain in their in-production systems or process. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, you can leverage the benefits of blockchain technology and witness tremendous growth in your business.

Augmented Reality

One of the booming technologies that are transforming the way customers buy products these days is Augmented Reality (AR). According to a report, by 2020 Augmented Reality development will be a $150 billion market worldwide, and provide best app developers and enterprises with a potential market to explore and grow.

One more example of AR in technology is social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat making the use of AR filters, allowing users to turn their face into digital cartoon characters. So, whether you're into the retail market or want to build a social media platform, AR will offer a seamless yet fun experience to its users.

On-demand apps

The on-demand industry is the driver behind the sharing economy. It fulfills the requests of customers on an instant basis, offering prompt access to goods and services. With technological advancements, on-demand apps are becoming the future of the mobile industry.

Setting aside the category, type, and size of startup or business, most of the entrepreneurs have adopted on-demand based solutions to make their business a huge success. With every sector looking at how its processes and tooling can change to reflect on-demand, we can say that an automated, personalised, on-demand economy is here to stay.

Internet of Things

What's best about IoT is its diversity. Users will find a vast range of elements, from the sensors to controllers to connectivity options. However, IoT-based mobile apps need to work with different platforms, devices, and operating systems. The mobile app developers need to produce some innovative and reflective techniques to connect all the contrasting elements seamlessly, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, advanced sensor, and consumer electronics.

Wrapping Up, these are some of the key trends of mobile app development in this coming year. They are going to reshape the future of the mobile app industry. With the development of your own mobile application and by using latest trends, you can fulfill customers' ever-changing requirements and stay ahead in the market competition.

The age of mobile apps isn't over. This is just an innovative beginning and there's a long way to go.

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