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Killer robots won't exist if we don't create them

Killer robots won't exist if we don't create them

What is it?
New predictions from Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Oxford Professor of Computer Science, regarding the future of robots, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

What is it about?
"The danger is clearly not that robots will decide to put us away and have a robot revolution," he said. "If there [are] killer robots, it will be because we've been stupid enough to give it the instructions or software for it to do that without having a human in the loop deciding."

Why should you know about it?
The article contains new knowledge from Shadbolt and AI arch-expert Jürgen Schmidhuber on the future for robots in society. Particularly, as big data becomes increasingly important and accessible, Machine Learning will play a deep and significant role in much of our everyday work.

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