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Longplayer Day: long music for a short time

Longplayer Day: long music for a short time

In our weekly ​Web Curios​ newsletter, we have a section for longer reads entitled ​Long things which are long​. There is perhaps no longer thing which is long than Longplayer,  the 1000-year-long musical composition from Jem Finer.

Longplayer has an annual day of celebration. That day is today (20/06/19). Starting at noon, there will be a set of performances and talks across east and south London to celebrate Longplayer.

They include:

  • Gavin Starks and Lindsay Seers reading For Whom the Bell Tolls, an autogenerated work based on the writings of John Donne
  • The brilliantly-named Hither Green Drone Orchestra performing Pauline Oliveros' Horse Sings From Cloud, ​described as "a text score involving deep listening, selfcontrol and a curbing of the desire to change constantly"
  • Marcus du Sautoy on The Music of the Primes​, a talk exploring the relationship between mathematics and musical composition
  • Oliver Coates on the cello and electronics
  • Jem Finer himself performing ​Longplayer ​- just an extract, not the whole thing, obviously - using "music from the stars" (the ones in space, not celebrities).

Longplayer started in 1999 and finishes 1000 years later. You still have time to listen to it of course; it's not the sort of thing that you'll find on BBC Sounds. (Imagine how large the file size is for this work).

More here.​ There's plenty running until the late evening, so don't feel as if you've missed all of the treats.

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