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Looking around

Looking around

Look Around You is a BBC comedy series from the early 2000s. Described by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening as “One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen”, it is known for its gorgeous attention to detail - paying homage to educational science programmes of the 1970s.

The first series was a set of short, rather hauntological pieces covering a different scientific topic each week. The second series had more of a Blue Peter-type feel with presenters to camera, including former children’s TV presenter Josie D’arby and Olivia Colman.

Here’s the very first programme.

The BBC has kept some of the original Look pages on its website; the quizzes and music sadly aren't available any more, but they retain the overall feel of both the first and second series.

Joe has published a look back at Look, featuring an interview with co-creator Robert Popper. The piece uses the interactive “stitcher” Shorthand, so it’s all rather beautifully put together. Read it here; we guarantee that you’ll be lost in a glorious rabbit hole of Look clips on YouTube afterwards. Thants.

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