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Mayfly is given a delicate video

Mayfly is given a delicate video

Cologne-based artistic collective GradeDie have been in touch to tell us about their new video for recording duo Alice Rose & Moniko. The work has been produced by Lenny Grade and Catrin Mackowski.

It’s a pretty, delicate video using glitch techniques and oodles of text floating over silhouttes. The single, Mayfly, also comes with a printed pamphlet of stills and statements, available here.

As studio director Lenny Grade says, the lead singer is captured in the video as being in a state of absence while being present:

While working on a very low budget it happened to us that we day by day fell more and more in love with the artistic and sculptural approach of the video and ended up in weeks of unpaid work to bring our vision to life.

Lenny Grade
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