Media Imperica event “Mirror Mirror”, BFI London, 2013

We are not the most popular site in the world and will never purport to be. However, we have a small, growing, and highly valuable audience who read and engage with our content each and every week.

The numbers (Q1 2019)

Average session duration 1.5 minutes

Highest activity is on Fridays 12pm-8pm, around the same time as our newsletter

Around 3000 users per month with 3000+ email newsletter recipients

25% of users return

56% of users hit the home page first, followed by 24% through organic search, and 20% through social

The offer

Sponsored / paid articles

In-article promotions

Newsletter promotions

Banners, either per-article / per-section or run-of-site

Drop us a line here in our cold-but-scenic Oxford office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and we'd be delighted to talk further. Please consider us in your media investment; in doing so, you're keeping a small, UK-based publication alive and growing. Of course, if that's all too much for you, there's always our Patreon.

​Note:​ we do not accept advertising from companies and organisations actively involved in contributing to climate change.