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New publication focussed on gaming

New publication focussed on gaming Sam Howzit, CC licence https://www.flickr.com/photos/aloha75/4906597152

Whether you're 6, 16 or 46, the row of game cabinets in an amusement arcade tempts, distracts, and delights. While all human life may not be here, there are certainly characters - both in the games and out of them - whom one can remember, and paint a narrative upon. Whether your era was ​Gorf, Out Run ​or the ​Virtual Fighter​ series, the memories in those places are deeply held by many of us.

​Capsule Crit​ is a new magazine which celebrates these places and spaces, and the worlds beyond them, in short pieces of both fiction and non-fiction.

It selects its writers from an impressively diverse pool of talent. Here's an extract from ​Battle Pass Capitalism​ by Daniel Joseph:

One of the reasons I care so much about games, despite the fact that it's functionally an entire medium dedicated to disappointing me, is that I think of it as a canary in the coal mine of capitalism's ongoing appropriation of life and land from what little of it we have left. There's a strong echo of what economic geographers like David Harvey have called "accumulation by dispossession" happening in and around games, but instead of land it's through the dispossession of play and culture, rammed through a machine coded by clueless white men to better monetize our lives "for the love of the game". Colonization and imperialism stole the land. Games are on the front line of stealing everything else.

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