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New work from James Bridle

New work from James Bridle

Se ti sabir is a new short film from James Bridle. Shot in a first-person perspective with James's rather beautiful voice narrating it, the film is about ​"Just as we are learning more about the many different forms of intelligence that populate the world, we are also allowing computational systems to take over ever more of our cognitive and creative processes. "Se ti sabir" tries to imagine new ways in which we might understand one another, the beings that surround us, and the ones we are creating." ​The film has a Patrick Keiller feel to it (and if you don't know who that is, then there's your weekend viewing right there).

​The film was commissioned by Daphne Dragona and Panos Dragonas as part of ​Tomorrows​, an exhibition and symposium on near-future fictions held in 2017 at our friends Furtherfield in north London.

Watch it here...

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