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New writing: Flesh Moves part 2

New writing: Flesh Moves part 2
Noor smiled, cracked lips over the black tooth. "That's right. You use a pay4phone, you tell me where you at. And you wait there. No matter how Bigurl screams, no matter what sort of shit you see in the lot, no matter if Tibetan Santa comes with a gift-wrapped key for your addled ass. You take the fucking dock, and you wait for me to get there. Someone wants to ask you what's your problem? 'Oh Mister, I got a substance abuse issue.' Then we'll have it swap to me. I do the same thing at next resstop and have it swap to Heart Attack. Then he waits, and then delivers. Three swaps, five hours behind on a four-and-a-half-hour route, that's greater than 100% delay credit on express drop ship on the most expensive rate code there is. Fucking military grade processors, gold bars, new organs. Who knows what, but fucking money, Tandy."

The second part of ​Flesh Moves​ by Brendan C. Byrne and Adam Rothstein is now live on Motherboard. Enjoy it, and part 1, here:

Motherboard: Flesh Moves

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