Thursday 18 August 2011

Ads: your super soaraway summer special

Philippines Dog Show by Zebeddee Zebeddee, CC Licence


Creative Review undertakes a creative review:


Stunts, installations, neat tech ideas and UGC – advertising has been experimenting with all manner of new methods of engagement. Discovery Networks Europe's Federico Gaggio and Patrick Burgoyne CR editor brought together some of the most significant of these ideas in a presentation for the Promax Conference. Here's their overview of adland's new directions.


There's a lot to flick through here - it's YouTube-heavy and you're likely to have seen some of it before (and, strangely, it ends with that Ben Folds/Merton/Chatroulette thing) but is a jolly read all the same. Oh, and the article is titled Cool Sh*t, referring to a presentation from Burgoyne and Gaggio, even though "Cool shit", sans apostrophe, is used in the article.


Anyway, enough pedantry. Mouse scroll wheel ready? Go...

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