Sunday 11 December 2011

Appeal time

OK, time to get serious.

@Dabitch by Deeped Strandh, CC licence

One of our favourite sites, the highly-regarded, well-respected and decade-old Adland, is in trouble.

It's a huge and well-established site, principally run by one person - Åsk Wäppling, aka @dabitch. Such is the depth of the archive that it's staggering to comprehend how she gets any sleep, publishing the world's best ads alongside great creative insight.

With popular sites come costs.

And Adland needs money.

Before tomorrow.

If you can, pop over and donate. There's a Paypal link on the homepage.

We would be hugely grateful if you could help our friends out in this hour of need. After all, some of us Brits like to help our friends in Europe... 

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