Monday 22 August 2011

David Byrne: the future for computers in art, from 1987

Ed Ruscha: Sand in the Vaseline by Juan Desant, CC Licence


Wearer of oversized suits David Byrne, writing in 1987 on what artistic applications of computers will look like in 2007:


I don't think computers will have any important effect on the arts in 2007. When it comes to the arts they're just big or small adding machines. And if they can't "think," that's all they'll ever be. They may help creative people with their bookkeeping, but they won't help in the creative process.

The video revolution, however, will have some real impact on the arts in the next 20 years. It already has. Because people's attention spans are getting shorter, more fiction and drama will be done by television, a perfect medium for them. But I don't think anything will be wiped out; books will always be there; everything will find its place.

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