Sunday 11 February 2018

Diesel creates a real fake store

Italian fashion brand Diesel has gone one better after its Go with the flaw campaign of last year. As part of its new campaign, Go with the fake, it has created a store selling supposedly counterfeit goods in New York, which turned out to be selling the real thing.

The campaign, produced by Publicis, opened the Deisel (sic) store in Canal Street, NYC, a couple of weeks ago. Canal Street is apparently synonymous with knocked-off clothes brands, so it was the right place to house the store.

Here's Diesel's YouTube video all about it.

The Deisel store doesn't just sell kosher versions of the brand's goods: it's actually selling individual, unique items from Diesel's design teams. So, not only is the customer buying an item of clothing that turns out to be the real thing, they're buying something not even available in the brand's "real" shops. As the Publicis blog states, "Those who followed their flawed fashion sense and were smart enough to shop there, got Diesel quality for knock-off prices."

It's a great idea and entirely on-brand for Diesel. The store is open once again in Canal Street, NYC, until tomorrow (12/02/18).


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