Thursday 03 August 2017

German "Unbrexit" pub is a showcase for retail technologies

German "Unbrexit" pub is a showcase for retail technologies The Unbrexit, Facebook

There has been a flurry of interest on Twitter in the past 24 hours regarding The Unbrexit, a wonderfully-named British-style pub in the German town of Ahaus. Although many have enjoyed the joke, the pub has an interesting underside which was less apparent to many.


Ahaus itself lies on the German border with the Netherlands; the closest well-known town is Münster. It's from here that The Unbrexit's three areas (sports bar, steakhouse, "Gentlemen's Club") serve hearty meals, washed down with British bevvies including London Pride, Pimm's, Hendricks and the like. Whoever has developed the concept has really spent money and time in developing such a comprehensive concept in a small town, right?

Right. Well, the Unbrexit is actually less of a British theme pub, more of a technological petri dish. Tobit Software, a retail tech company based in the same town, is the company behind the Unbrexit. The company's Chayns retail content management system powers the Unbrexit website, alongside front and back-office functions including onsite meal booking, settling the bar bill, and even giving tips through its micropayment service.

We don't know that much about Chayns, and its website is rather vague. Tobit claims that over 100,000 companies are customers of the product, although, again, detailed information about that statistic doesn't really appear to be particularly apparent.

Nevertheless, if the software is indeed the pumping heart of a British-themed pub in a small German town, then fair enough. Perhaps the only thing that Chayns can't do, which would provide a truly authentic British pub experience, is to break up a fight.

Take a look for yourself, here.

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